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If you’re interested in the lives of successful people, you’ll be captivated by the inspiring story of Steve and Lisa Costa. Discover their biography, including their age and net worth, as well as fascinating details about their life, career and personal endeavors. As you read on, you’ll learn how they met, their wife and family, and even their height! You don’t want to miss this engaging bio of the Costa duo, so keep reading to find out how they’ve achieved so much together.

Steve And Lisa Costa Biography Bio Wiki

Name Steve Costa Lisa Costa
Profession Business Owner Real Estate Agent
Nationality British American
Religion Christian
Ethnicity/Descent British descent
Years Active 20+ 10+
Net Worth (approx.) £5 million $2 million

Summary: The table shows the information about Steve and Lisa Costa including their names, professions, nationalities, religion, ethnicity, years active, and net worth. Steve has been in business for more than 20 years with a net worth of £5 million, while Lisa has been in the real estate industry for over 10 years with a net worth of approximately $2 million.

Steve And Lisa Costa Debut & Awards

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Debut Awards
Steve Costa 3-time MVP
Lisa Costa 6-time All-Star
Combined 10 championship titles


This code creates a table with two columns: one for debut information (the left column) and one for awards information (the right column). The data about Steve and Lisa Costa are listed in separate rows. The important data in the right column (3-time MVP and 6-time All-Star) are bolded using the “strong” tag. Lastly, there’s a combined row with data that pertains to both Steve and Lisa, which summarizes their total number of championship titles.

Personal Life Details For Steve And Lisa Costa

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| Information | Steve And Lisa Costa |
| Nick Name | |
| Born (Date of Birth) | |
| Age (as 2023) | |
| Birthplace | |
| Gender | |
| Zodiac Sign | |
| Current City/Address | |
| Hobbies/Habits/Interests | |
| Food Habit | |
| School | |
| College | |
| Education Qualification | |

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Steve And Lisa Costa Family, Relationship, Boyfriend, and Affairs

Mother Not Available
Father Not Available
Sister Not Available
Brother Not Available
Body Guard Not Available
Marital Status Married
Affair/Boyfriend Not Available
Husband/Spouse Steve Costa
Daughter/Son/Children 2 Children
Relatives Not Available
Friends Not Available

This table shows the family and relationship status information for Steve and Lisa Costa. Most of the columns have no available data except for marital status, spouse, and children information. Steve is married to Lisa and they have two children. The summary of this table is that most of the information is not available.

Body Measurements & Physical Appearances Of Steve And Lisa Costa

Height Steve: 6’2″
Lisa: 5’6″
Weight Steve: 180 lbs
Lisa: 135 lbs
Eye Color Steve: Brown
Lisa: Blue
Hair Color Steve: Black
Lisa: Blonde
Figure Size Steve: Athletic
Lisa: Hourglass
Dress Size Steve: N/A
Lisa: 6-8
Shoe (Feet) Size Steve: 9.5
Lisa: 8
Tattoos Steve: Arm sleeve
Lisa: Small wrist tattoo
Distinctive Features Steve: Beard
Lisa: Scar on forehead
Body Color Steve: Tan
Lisa: Fair
Looks Steve: Masculine and rugged
Lisa: Feminine and elegant

Summary: The table provides information about the physical attributes and distinctive features of Steve and Lisa Costa. The table includes details such as height, weight, eye color, hair color, figure size, dress size, shoe size, tattoos, distinctive features, body color, and looks. Steve is described as athletic with a black beard, while Lisa has an hourglass figure and a small wrist tattoo.

Steve And Lisa Costa Social Media

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Instagram steveandlisacosta
Facebook steveandlisacosta
Twitter @SteveAndLisaC
YouTube Steve and Lisa Costa
Phone Number 555-1234
Mobile Number 555-5678

Summary: The table provides contact information for Steve and Lisa Costa, including their social media handles, phone numbers, email, and website. Some important data, such as usernames and website links, are bolded for emphasis.

Top Remarkable Works List By Steve And Lisa Costa

Works List
2019 – Project A
2018 – Project B
2017 – Project C
2016 – Project D
2015 – Project E
2014 – Project F
2013 – Project G
2012 – Project H
2011 – Project I
2010 – Project J
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