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A fig is a fruit that has been mentioned in our Holy Qur’an. In Arabic, figs are called twins. In the Qur’an, Allah has sworn by the fruit of Tween. There are thousands of figs in this world. Some figs are also seen in our country. In many areas, figs are also sold in the market. Figs have thousands of benefits. In today’s article, we will not talk about the thousands of benefits of Dumor, but we will discuss some of the benefits.


Rules for eating figs

You can eat figs any way you want. However, if you follow the routine, you will get special benefits. Usually, you can eat ripe fig gula just like that. And raw figs are cooked and eaten. We would suggest eating figs at a specific time each day. Whether it is cooked or raw. It’s a lot like a course of medicine. Playing figs for 30 days in a row increases the secret power of a man, his hair becomes black and the folds of old age on the skin disappear. There are many more such benefits of figs which we will discuss in the form of points below. Keep reading and if you like it, share it with your friends.

Why eat figs?

If you want, you can understand the benefits of figs just by reading the points.


  • Diabetes

People with diabetes should drink fig-soaked water on an empty stomach every morning. This will keep your diabetes under control. Figs play a huge role in controlling diabetes in particular.


  • The secret disease of men

Men who have problems with secret diseases or who can’t make their wives happy. They can solve your problem with figs if they want. For this, you have to eat raw figs every night before going to bed for 30 consecutive days. And to increase the secret power, eat honey, banana, egg, milk along with figs.


  • Curly hair

Those whose hair is getting old can eat figs at a young age. You will notice that the mature hair is turning black again.


  • Aging look

It is often seen that the impression of age has fallen on the face at a young age, for them raw fig mash. As a rule, playing with fig mash restores the beauty of the face and removes the old impression.


  • Period

Those girls who have period problems, do not menstruate on time. They eat figs. By doing this you will get rid of such problems forever.


  • Increases strength in the body

Those whose bodies are weak. Can’t do any work. Or do it with little effort. They eat figs. However, in order to increase the strength of the body, besides figs, there is no shortage of non-vegetarian food.


  • Fever

Eating raw figs cures fever very quickly. Then if you have a fever, try eating some figs from the fig tree next to your house before going to the doctor, hopefully, you will benefit.


  • Thin closet

Eating raw figs cures diseases like diarrhea and diarrhea. Those who have been suffering from diarrhea for a long time can try figs once.


  • Excessive discharge and white discharge

Girls who have white discharge and excess discharge can mix pure honey and ripe figs and eat them for a week. You will benefit from inshallah. And yes in this case you will get better results by playing figs with milk and sugar.


  • Hiccups arise

Those who get hiccups for no reason eat figs regularly. The hiccups will stop slowly. The hiccups are completely stopped by soaking the outer part of the figs and drinking the water.


  • To lose weight

Figs contain omega-three fatty acids, calcium, potassium, phosphorus, manganese, copper, and magnesium, which help the body shed excess fat and make the body lean. Figs increase the body’s metabolism rate.


  • Iron

Those who are deficient in iron must eat figs as well as bananas. This will increase the amount of iron in the body many times.


  • Blood pressure

Blood pressure problems are common in today’s world. The advice for them is to put figs in their diet regularly. This will keep the blood pressure right.


  • Dizziness

Those who have dizziness or weakness in the body can eat fried figs or fig bara if they want. In this way, a good breakfast will be eaten and dizziness will be relieved.


  • During pregnancy

Girls can eat figs occasionally during pregnancy. However, in this case, it would be best to eat after consulting a doctor.


Note: Always eat the outer part of the fig. Always remember the inner biz gula. Biz gula is inedible and cannot be eaten.

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There are thousands of benefits to figs, so try to include figs in your diet at least once a week. In the next part, we will share different recipes for figs.

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