How To Use A Garlic Grater Plate

How To Use A Garlic Grater Plate

What Is Garlic Grater Plate

If you need garlic pure smell with a smooth grate. Then you must have to use Garlic Grater Plate. Even you can make Garlic sauces by using a garlic grater plate. So the question is what is the garlic grater plane. Actually, it’s a handmade dish to puree & grate garlic for different food. By using this plate you can make a great garlic sauce with getting the pure smell of garlic. You can also grate garlic, ginger, peppers, nutmeg, and so much more by using the grate plate a ceramic grating plate. This plate grating surface is very softer & never cuts your fingers. Your fingers are always will be safe when you’re gonna use this plate. This plate has an amazing pure grater. So it can provide the best flavor of garlic & ginger. Some companies also give one garlic peeler & gathering brush to use this product easier. You can also grind Orange, lemon even chocolate & pure fresh ginger. This is very easy to use. You can move the circle up & down or circle as you want you can move it on both sides. Cause on this plate has great deep to grate anything. You can use olive oil to get the best smell.


How To Use A Garlic Grater Plate

This plate is not only beautiful it’s also a very useful item in our daily life. Read this article or you can watch the below video to understand How To Use A Garlic Grater Plate. This plate is not only for garlic, you can also grate ginger, chocolate, carrot, nutmeg, cucumber, apple etc. 

  1.  Buy any kind of Garlic Grater Ceramic Plate.
  2. Get a piece of garlic & peel it using the peeler that you get from the plate.
  3. Now wet the plate using some water or olive oil.
  4. Now hold the garlic piece & rub it lightly. 
  5. Now the flavor is ready to eat.
  6. Just take out the garlic flavor from the plate.
  7. Don’t forget to use the brush to get the flavor out.
  8. So the garlic paste is ready to use with any Sauce or other foods.

If you don’t understand by reading these points. Then just watch the below video. This video credit is Amazon.

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Add a little bit of water to your garlic grater plate. This tip will help you to stop the garlic puree from drying & sticking. You can also add olive oil instead of water. Now peel a garlic piece of garlic & rub it on the plate. See the magic & smell the garlic paste. Just wow.



Do the same thing as before adding some water and grating the ginger. Cut a little bit of ginger & rub it on the plate. You will get the best ginger flavor must. 



If you want to get the juice of lemon, orange, or apple then freeze that for more than 2 hours. After freezing get the plate & don’t forget to wet the plate using some water. Now rub the orange or lemon & you will get the pure juice. Add this juice with your garlic tea or any kind of cold tea. I hope you’ll be glad to drink this juice. 


Benefits Of Garlic Grater Plate

  • Garlic Grater Plate is made of ceramic.
  • Garlic Grater Plate is fully safe for your fingers.
  • Garlic Grater Plate will give you the best flavor that can’t be given you any other grater.
  • This is a homemade plate.
  • This plate price is very cheap.
  • Garlic Grater Plate is very easy to use.
  • This plate size is very small so you can carry it anywhere.


Final Word

We try hard to explain everything about the garlic plate & tell you guys How To Use A Garlic Grater Plate. I hope you guys understand everything. If not please write a comment below. We’ll give you a solution quickly. Thank you.

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