Homemade Biotin Powder For Hair Growth

Homemade Biotin Powder For Hair Growth

What Is Biotin Hair Powder

Biotin Powder, Biotin Supplements, Biotin foods, so what is Biotin & What Is Biotin Hair Powder. Let’s talk about the Biotin Hair mask. In this article, we’ll discuss every point of Biotin & tell you guys about Homemade Biotin Powder For Hair Growth.  

Hello dear visitors, welcome to our blog. I hope your day is good. We’ll talk about Biotin Powder & Biotin Mask. One will be work from outside & another one will e work from inside. And our method will be 100% working with proof. After applying this to your hair, you can’t believe that it’s your hair. Your hair will be shiny, bouncy & soft. And it protects your hair from pollution. 

Vitamin H – B7 is known for Biotin. It comes from animal fats & hoofs. And also humans have a lot of biotin on their own head hair. But our body can’t produce biotin. So, this is why our body’s good bacteria do intestine. And it helps to make our health healthy.


The Benefits Of Biotin Powder

  • It’s working good for our nails
  • It maintains human body sugar.
  • Make your skin fair & white.
  • Increase your muscle tissue & growth your health.
  • Remove extra fat & losses your weight.
  • Keep your body temperature good.


B7 is also helpful to produce keratin. And this one makes strong nails & hair. And for this reason, in the marketplace, Biotin has a lot of popularity. And biotin also has a lot of products their user need. Every human needs 30-100 mm biotin per day. And most of the time, it’s filled up from our food.

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How To Make Biotin Powder At Home

To make “Homemade Biotin Powder For Hair Growth” you need 3 seeds & 3 nuts. These work to remove biotin deficiency from our bodies. Our this home made Biotin Powder for hair growth is very tasty & good work for Biotin. It works to shine on your skin. And you will look younger. And it is also good for your hair. Your hair will be shiny, soft & strong. 

3 Seeds Names

  1. One Spoon Sunflower Seed
  2. One Spoon Pumpkin Seed
  3. One Spoon Soybean

3 Nuts Names

  1. One Handful Of Almonds
  2. One Handful Of Walnuts
  3. One Handful Of Peanuts

Put them on a frypan & roast them goodly. After 5-7 minutes fry take over from the stove. Now let’s give them to be cold. After that grind them as well & make a powder & your Homemade Biotin Powder For Hair Growth is ready. You can eat it every single day with water. You can also mix it with your salad. Even you can use it on your juices. Even you can eat this with your meal. Anyway, you can use it. After eating this recipe for 7 days. Your nail growth will increase & hair look likes amazing. It really works from inside your body. If you don’t believe that you can watch the review video on youtube.

Note: Pregnant women should not use this recipe. But you can talk with your doctor before using it.


How To Make Biotin Hair Mask At Home

To make a “Homemade Biotin Hair Mask For Hair Growth” you need a Banana & water. Then blend them properly. After blending filter it with a cloth to get the softer portion that comes out while straining. And add 1 teaspoon of Olive Oil. And also add there 1 teaspoon of honey. Now your Biotin Hair Mask is ready to use. You can use it on your hair every night. This will be very wet. So, after applying this when you are going to sleep use a cloth on your pillow. 


How To Wash Your Hair After Using Biotin

To wash your hair after applying Biotin Hair Mask – upside down your head. First, use water to wash your hair.  When you feel your hair is clean a little bit. You can use shampoo then. Note: don’t use conditioner. Just use shampoo 1 or more times as you need. After washing, your hair, dry it & look in the mirror. You’ll be shocked. You can’t believe that it’s your hair. This recipe is for those people who have dry or oil problems with their hair. But apply this only 2 times in a month. But if you have more problems you can use it every week. Apply it & see the magic. 


Best Biotin Powder For Hair Growth

There are a lot of people who are not satisfied with Homemade Biotin Powder For Hair Growth. So just for them, we are going to share the best Biotin Powder For Hair Growth. If you don’t need you can skip this section. But you share this topic with your friends. 

Product Name Nutrafol Women’s Hair Growth Supplement
Brand Nutrafol
Active Ingredients Vitamin_c
Department Women
Work Hair Regrowth Treatments
Price $196




This capsule has a very good review on amazon. You can buy this if you don’t wanna use homemade Homemade Biotin Powder To Growth Your Hair. 

  • This product makes your hair strong & shiny naturally. 
  • Eat 4 capsules every day.
  • This is 100% halal.
  • Mainly this item is for those girls whose hair is already thin.
  • It also works for good sleep at night so you can get a fresh mind.
  • It will grow your hair 60% clinically.


Vitamin Amount Per Serving
Vitamin A 1563 mg
Vitamin C 100 mg
Vitamin D 62.5 mcg
Iodine 225 mcg
Zinc 25 mg


Homemade Biotin Powder For Hair Loss

Biotin powder is only for those who have hair fallen issues. By using this recipe you can fix your hair like before. This can really make your hair soft, shiny & strong. It also helps to make your nails strong & grow new hair. And make your metabolism high a lot. So it can help you to fight your obesity. After making one time this recipe you guys can use it for more than 4 months. So you don’t need to make this one again & again.  


In this article, we really try to share all pieces of information about Homemade Biotin Powder For Hair Growth. I hope you guys getting helpfully from this article. If you need any more help with this, please use the comment box. Thank You.

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