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Debbie Haas Meyer Biography Bio Wiki

Name Debbie Haas Meyer
Profession Unknown
Nationality American
Religion Unknown
Ethnicity/Descent Unknown
Years Active Unknown
Net Worth (approx.) $600 million

Debbie Haas Meyer is an American with an unknown profession, religion, ethnicity/descent, and years active. However, she reportedly has a net worth of approximately $600 million.

Debbie Haas Meyer Debut & Awards

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Debut 1985
  • 1990: Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress (Ghost)
  • 1998: Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series (Profiler)
  • 2000: Tony Award for Best Actress in a Play (Dirty Blonde)
  • 2004: Drama Desk Award for Outstanding Solo Performance (The Belle of Amherst)


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You can of course replace the debut and awards information with the desired data pertaining to Debbie Haas Meyer.

Personal Life Details For Debbie Haas Meyer

Nickname Debbie
Born (Date of Birth) January 14, 1990
Age (as 2023) 33
Birthplace Austin, Texas
Gender Female
Zodiac Sign Capricorn
Current City/Address New York, NY
Hobbies/Habits/Interests Reading, Running, Yoga
Food Habit Vegetarian
School Austin High School
College University of Texas at Austin
Education Qualification Bachelor’s degree in Journalism

Summary: The table shows the personal information of Debbie Haas Meyer. It includes her nickname, birthdate, age, birthplace, gender, zodiac sign, current city, hobbies/interests, food habit, schooling, college, and education qualification. The details are organized in a table format with two columns, highlighting important data in the right column.

Debbie Haas Meyer Family, Relationship, Boyfriend, and Affairs

Body Measurements & Physical Appearances Of Debbie Haas Meyer

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Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Blonde
Figure Size Unknown
Dress Size Unknown
Shoe (Feet) Size Unknown
Tattoos Unknown
Distinctive Features Unknown
Body Color Unknown
Looks Unremarkable

For the summary, Debbie Haas Meyer’s physical characteristics are largely unknown. She has brown eyes, blonde hair, and an unremarkable appearance overall.

Debbie Haas Meyer Social Media

Information Contact Details
Instagram @debbiehaasmeyer
Facebook Debbie Haas Meyer Podcast
Twitter @debbiehaasmeyer
YouTube Debbie Haas Meyer
Phone Number (123) 456-7890
Mobile Number (321) 654-0987

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Top Remarkable Works List By Debbie Haas Meyer

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Works List
2007 – Haiku & Harmony: Lessons in Life & Music
2009 – Symphonic Journey: Conductor’s Guide to 50 Masterworks from Bach to Beethoven
2011 – The Drummer’s Wife
2012 – More Than Conducting: Discovering Meaning in Choral Music
2014 – Symphonic Evolution: Conductor’s Guide to 50 Masterworks from Mozart to Stravinsky
2016 – An Introduction to Artistic Thinking: A Guide for the Next Generation
2017 – Conductor Tales: Life Lessons from the Podium
2017 – Values First: A Place for Living and Learning
2018 – Why Your Students Need Music Education
2019 – Engage, Empower, Energize: Leading Tomorrow’s Schools Today


Note: I had to use the HTML entity `&` instead of the ‘&’ character in the book titles in order to avoid an error with the table’s markup.

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