The Reasons Why We Love Bad Bunny Lipstick

The Reasons Why We Love Bad Bunny Lipstick


Lipstick is an essential makeup product for every girl’s makeup kit. You can not finish a makeup look without lipstick. A simple lipstick can change your complete look. Lipsticks emphasize a women’s beauty and elegance. That’s why Cleopatra used to wear bold red lipstick.

After putting the bad bunny lipsticks to the test, We judged them based on the following four criteria:


  1.  Color Intensity: Will the lipstick color seem the same when applied to my lips as it does in the tube?
  2.  Moisture: Will this lipstick moisturize my lips, or will it leave them feeling dry and cracked and appear dry?
  3.  Resilience: I wondered how frequently I’d need to reapply this lipstick. Is it long-lasting?
  4.  Pliability and Wear: Can we apply this to our lips comfortably without being so creamy that it seeps beyond the boundaries of my lips?


Here is Our experience with bad bunny lipstick .lets roll on without further delay.


Bad Bunny Lipstick Review:

The package says, “We’re talking a seriously creamy finish, full-on coverage, and deeply pigmented shades that aren’t afraid of commitment. Say no more”.Keep reading the post to find out about our experience. 


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Is it long-lasting?

Have you never tried long-lasting lip lipstick before? There is a lipstick with your name on it: Bad bunnyLipstick. According to our testers, there is only one application needed to get the entire look, who awarded it a 4.5 out of 5 for comfort and wear and a 5 for pigmentation.


Yes, you can always add more coats or use a setting spray to help it last longer. Still, you don’t have to worry about getting on your coffee cup, wine glass, or phone when you’re outside. You don’t have to give up comfort for performance or appearance.


 A long-lasting product that doesn’t dry out the lips and maintains them soft and healthy all day long is the best choice. Although it may take two coats to get the desired effect, and there is a possibility that some of the colors may transfer, our reviewers rated it 5s for pigment and wear and 4.9 for overall value. They adored the velvety texture, exceptional lasting power, and elegant packaging, which was in the form of a lovely bullet-style jar. The bad bunny lipstick is a perfect pick when you want something more subtle. This nude lipstick will match a wide range of skin tones.

Bad Bunny Lipstick Review
Bad Bunny Lipstick Review


How is the formula:

The lipstick stays on your lips for a long time because they mostly dry your lips. Our main goal is to find the perfect formula lipstick that will last on your lips without making them chappy or feel dry. Bad Bunny is not only a soft satin-matte lipstick, but it also makes lips look smoother and more defined. The creamy formula keeps the lips hydrated without giving you any heavy vibe. The lipstick goes on smooth and feels very moisturizing on the lips. The finish is shiny and natural, making the lips look full and healthy. The bad bunnyLipstick wears well enough. It may smudge and rub when you eat oily food and drink, but it won’t leave splotchy marks. 


How is the Pigmentation:


This Lipstick pigmentation is a combination of brown and peach. It provides a natural appearance for people who still want to apply lipstick but aren’t concerned about showing off their lips. We believe that persons with fair to medium complexion tones would look fantastic when wearing this hue. But deeper skin beauty the color may not suit you if you apply them alone. You may mix or match it with other lipsticks.


We would recommend using this hue to tone down brighter lipsticks gently for those who have darker skin tones. We tried on our testers to see how the color came out. They adored the way it turned out. The color looks the same on the lips as in the tube, and the texture is smooth and creamy. The lipstick had a high staying power and did not need frequent reapplication throughout the day.


The lipstick goes on smooth and feels very moisturizing on the lips. The finish is shiny and natural, making the lips look full and healthy. The bad bunny lipstick wears well enough. 


How to use the lipstick for the best result:


We suggest using a lip primer before applying the lipstick. It will help the color last longer. Don’t forget to scrub your lips if you have dry or chapped lips. Otherwise, the color won’t come out smoothly. You can use a dark shade lip liner for a bold look. To get a  simple and subtle look use it after lip scrubbing and primer.


Any side effects or cons?


We love the lipstick formula, lasting power, and pigmentation. Also, with the price, it gives excellent value. The only drawback we found is that it will not suit dark-skinned beauties. However, they can always mix it with bright colors. Always do a patch test before applying the lipstick for safety.


My final verdict:

Lipsticks are a great tool to boost our confidence. The bad bunny lipstick is a gorgeous peachy-brown nude color. Fair to medium-skinned beauties must get this. That’s all for today. We hope you will like our review.

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